Company management sees itself committed to determine quality, environment and safety policy as a keystone of its function.

Under the belief that only the superior quality and technology is recognized in the world market, we are committed in providing highest satisfaction in every areas ranging from advanced solution, strict quality control and services.

Assembly Trading & Contracting is committed to the delivery of quality throughout all the activities it undertakes in the development and delivery of construction and estates management projects.

We deliver on this commitment by:
  • Undertaking these project development and delivery activities in accordance with Quality Management Procedures that are appropriate to the activities being undertaken and reflect recognized industry best practice.
  • Providing and equipping all staff to be able to gain full access to these Quality Management procedures at all times and in all working environments.
  • Ensuring that all personnel understand their roles and the procedures that they are required to operate in the delivery of their responsibilities.
  • Training all personnel in the operation of the Quality Management procedures that are relevant to their role and responsibilities
  • Requiring all staff to operate in accordance with the Quality Management procedures relevant to their role in the business.
  • Ensuring that all works and services delivered on our projects are in accordance with the Quality Standards set out in these procedures, and having established when appropriate, representative standards of workmanship via sample areas and panels.
  • Giving all staff the opportunity to contribute to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management systems and procedures.
  • Reviewing and revising this policy as necessary at regular intervals